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***hey baba***
13 October 2004

Hi daddy!
13 October 2004

Webmaster comments   baba what are doin on the puter-get that homeworks done!!!

Hey, Steve, what a great party !

When can we come back?

Thanks for everything!

Especially Annie and the girls for their great dancing...

11 October 2004

Christie - ROCK KANDY | www.rockkandy80s.com
Hi Guy's
Just wanted to tell you that you all did a great job at Ramapo last night
and on behalf of all of RK and myself wish you the very best.
Christie RK mgr.
S.T.A.R.S. Productions
9 October 2004

Webmaster comments   thanks christie....you guys got a good thing goin there with Rock Kandy, very impressive...see you all soon

thanks to all you girls who came out to ramapo brewery last night...and fred too! i know it was a bit of a ride for only a half hour of playing, we really appreciate it...thanks again to Tom and Rock Kandy for helping us get our foot in the door
9 October 2004

Looking foward to seeing you guys and Rock Kandy on Fri. a great night of classic rock and 80's rock.
See ya there!
6 October 2004

I found a van. We could rent one or two. If we get 20 people we could fit everyone plus the equipment comfortably in two vans(that includes the drums). It would cost about $10 a person for the vans.
6 October 2004

cori's workin on it
5 October 2004

should we rent a van or bus or something and bring a bunch of people up to the ramapo brewery?
5 October 2004

***best wishes to the happy couple***
4 October 2004

#1 Groupie
What an adorable pic of Lucinda!! She's quite the cat's meow!
15 April 2004

Scarey John Guy
14 April 2004

new personal pics up..i think theres something that john hasnt told us about himself yet...
14 April 2004

Does anyone have , or know someone who has a digital video camera ? We're looking to record a few gigs coming up. Thanks
13 April 2004

i just recieved my flyer in the mail for the powerball...hope we are invited to play again
12 April 2004

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